Duo505 – Late

I had to pick up this cd when I saw it at a fleamarket for a single euro. Morr Music is a respected label in the field of contemporary electronica, and B. Fleischmann has built up a name with his harmonic electro soundscapes. For Duo505 he worked together with the lesser known classically trained musician Herbert Weixelbaum.

Late comes in an attractive digipack, with nice cartographic artwork. Fitting, because the album also gives me the feel of relaxed travelling. Four of the compositions are created by Fleischmann, three by Weixelbaum. Though ‘Tsip tsap’ starts a bit hectic with dynamic breakbeats, things quickly slow down with an organic, melancholic synth melody. As if you’re leaving the bristling big city in favour of more remote areas where people are never in a hurry.

The whole album has a playful, accessible electro-acoustic sound, somewhere between indie pop and IDM. I find the style and mood of Late very enjoyable, with simple and addictive melodies, crunchy beats and entertaining little crackling, sparkling and bleeping sounds. Recently Fleischmann & Weixelbaum teamed up for another Duo505 adventure, The Humbucking Coil.

Watch a funny video promo for the track ‘Nochwas’.

artist: Duo505
label: Morr Music
details: cd, 7 tracks, 2004 [MM046CD]