Dust Fear of Lover – Drop-out

The second cd-r I hear of Dust Fear of Lover, an Italian band with a dirty retro sound with postpunk and gothic rock influences. Claustrophobic , raw and lo-fi music, reminding of early Jesus & Mary Chain, with a great deal of distortion. Perhaps no coincidence that a succeeded J&MC cover is present on this album (‘Head’). The other highlight on “Drop-out” is also a cover: ‘Ricky`s hand’ by Fad Gadget gets a nice minimal treatment. The other tracks on this cd-r have a nice underground sound, but often lack in composition. ‘The sin’ is nice because of the cold female vocals and electronic sounds, making me think of early Die Form. A moody track like ‘Leave’ has strong Cure influences, ‘Automatic Love’ has a monotonous Suicide sound, while ‘Fear of Gaze’ reminds me strongly of Siouxsie. Perhaps not all tracks are succeeded and the sound of Dust Fear of Lover is not the most orginal, but an enjoyable cd-r nevertheless which keeps the true dark underground sound alive.

artist: Dust Fear of Lover
label: self-released