Dust Fear of Lover – s/t

Dust Fear of Lover is an Italian project from someone called Death Boy, who is also a member of the duo Psycho D-Vein. A cdr with 12 tracks, including a track by Chrisma (?) and the Joy Division cover ‘Decades’. Musicwise this goes in the direction of postpunk, with quite some psychedelic noise added and a little shoegaze. One of the tracks is called ‘Sonic wave’, a description which also fits some of the music. A little Suicide, somewhat Velvet Underground, quite a bit of Jesus & Mary Chain and Joy Division. The sombre vocals are often whispered, slightly distorted. But on a track like ‘Around’ they sound robotic like Kraftwerk. Low-key monotonous bass and an ongoing drum machine is fused with more atmospheric electronics. I quite like this cd, it has a good dark hazy underground sound and a somewhat mysterious feeling. It goes back to the obscurest 80’s underground batcaves. All I need know is my room to be filled with smoke…

artist: Dust Fear of Lover
label: self-released