Duuster – Habitat

Over 70 minutes of interesting electronic music is offered by Duuster, a project of Dutch origin but currently based in France. Earlier Duuster already created a split cd with Ch. District for M-Tronic. On ‘Habitat’ Duuster creates some fine work in the idm-electronica field. Overall the music is rather laidback, though less tranquil than for instance the latest Displacer album. Duuster creates some nice atmospheric and melodic ambient layers, combined with often complex beat structures, which are almost danceable on tracks like ‘Hoover corone’.

On some tracks the sound is too dense and the beats too complex for my taste. I especially prefer the more tranquil and melodic moments. My favourite tracks are the dark and ominous ‘Amand – arc’ and the subtle soundscape ‘Amand – set.O’. The album contains lots of nice sounds and interesting compositons in which lots of things happen. Some acts that may come to mind are Autechre and Somatic Responses. Certainly a worthwhile album with a dark futuristic feel. As a bonus, you will get two remixes by Funckarma and Emotional Joystick, which are both quite nice.

artist: Duuster
label: M-tronic
details: 11 tracks, 2004 [Na 11]