This self-titled debut of DVT, on the young Cranial Fracture label, is not aiming to please romantic souls. Aggression is the keyword here, without compromises. From the first tones you are attacked by harsh power electronics, with a dense wall of sound, noisy layers, violent spoken vocals and unpleasant war samples. Most tracks are rather repetive, only gaining in force, building layer upon layer. Sometimes you hear sharp metallic sounds, then machine-like rhythms, embedded in a constant stream of noise. A few tracks are quite rhythmic, most pieces though aren’t. A track like ‘Silence as your deadly weapon’ really is hard to endure, a dense wall of noise, very filthy distorted vocals and high frequencies, without a moment of rest.

The subject matter of the album is also not very subtle. The tracks have titles like ‘Gasmask and nightvision’, ‘Ammunition entrance’ and ‘Ambush’. In the booklet various sentences can be found like “Here I sit and wait biding my time. Waiting for the chance. The chance to take it down. The chance to take you down.” The aggressive approach makes me think of the American project LAW. This is really not easy listening. When you are in a bad mood and you want to let off some steam, you could consider playing the menacing machinery of DVT. Or if you appreciate classic powernoise like Genocide Organ. But if you like your music subtle and pleasing, forget it.

artist: DVT
label: Cranial Fracture
details: 11 tracks