Dwelling – Humana

After the mini cd ‘Moments’ Dwelling now have created a full-lenght album. “Humana” contains 9 tracks and is again released by the Portuguese Equilibrium label. Dwelling offers us atmospheric acoustic music. It has elements from classical, folk and ethereal music. Acoustic guitars, bass, violin and nice soft female vocals are the main ingredients of this tranquil musical dish. The mood is a bit romantic, slightly melancholic at times. “The album allegorically portrays various events of the cycle of human life, from the cradle to the grave, which translate into the various moods found throughout compositions much in the same way that one would balance his feelings towards life as he courses through the joy and radiance of youth into the heavy burden of old age.”

The musicians are obviously skilled. Therefore this album is pleasant to listen to when you are in the mood for some soft music. There are no synths and no percussion. Just pure acoustic music, also inspired by Portuguese Fado and a little jazz amongst others. The music of Dwelling is smooth, though some of the classical compositions take sudden turns. Most songs are a little minimal and not very melodic or catchy. This is simply good and pleasant, without being very surprising. Towards the end of the album I feel the need for some variation. Luckily I am treated to the more cheerful traditional folky sound of the last song ‘The reality that remains’.

artist: Dwelling
label: Equilibrium Music
details: [eqm 003]