Dwight Ashley – Discrete Carbon

Dwight Ashley has been composing music for his own pleasure for a long time (since 1976), only occasionally giving a hint of what he is working on to other a wider ‘audience’.

On his first full length solo-release, Ashley presents us with a collection of later works ranging from 1993 to 2003. The material can best be described as filmic, ambient music. The music consists of warm drones, and subtle use of piano and other instruments. The overall feeling is very gentle and atmospheric, reminding me of the works of ambient composers like Jeff Greinke, Steve Roach (without getting ‘ethnic’ or ‘tribal’) or Robert Fripp.

This release is really beautiful, and will be appreciated by people who like lush and dreamy ambient music, like a soundtrack for a non-existing science fiction movie from the 1920’s.

artist: Ashley, Dwight
label: Jealous Entropy
details: 11 tracks. AMC04001. May 2004.