Dystronic – Raw Deal

Dystronic is a project that from the beginning has been part of the Kommando 6 circle, both as Dystronic, and as part of Radikale Analoge Fraktion.

This new EP features raw elektro with clear beats, often sounding like coming from a drum kit, and acid like bass lines. ‘Getaway’ and ‘Reanimation’ are the more up-tempo tracks but still not quite suitable for the dancefloor. ‘Fallout’ and ‘Raw Deal’ are slower and due to that darker and more haunting.

It has to be said, Raw Deal is an enjoyable record but not as satisfactory as many other Kommando 6 releases, like the recent compilation Dark Beat Detector and the Alex Nôrinh EP.

artist: Dystronic
label: Kommando 6
details: 12”, 4 tracks [K6-XIII]