Dystronic – Rude Tunes

The third 12” by Dystronic on the Kommando 6 label is a continuation of his typical style and sound. Rude Tunes features four tracks of raw punk influenced and elektro related music.

Dytronic’s style is unpolished and rough. Possibly it is a matter of taste, but like his previous 12”, this music cannot get me enthusiastic. The songs are too simplistic and don’t have a mood or a twist that catches the attention.

With his project Radikale Analog Fraktion and Black Spider Clan Dystronic has proven to be a good musician. Even his first solo 12” on Kommando 6 is rather good but Rude Tunes is not more then an average electronix record.


artist: Dystronic
label: Kommando 6
details: vinyl, 12”, 4 tracks [K6 – XIX]