Echo West – Some thought us dead

Cabinett Records is a new German label that has sprung from the Membrum Debile label. The focus will be on (obscure) elektro, minimal wave, cold electronics and other related genres.

Some thought us dead is the second album by Echo West. Musically this record is a mix of minimal electronics and cold wave. The album opens with the title track, which has a strong Siglo XX feeling. This is dark, even negative, cold wave you seldom hear nowadays.

Echo West gives the listener a treat of different flavors of dark minimal electronic sounds on Some thought us dead. Some songs are more in the distorted elektro vein like ‘You want to be afraid’. At times the music even goes into deformed minimal electronic eruptions like those of Haus Arafna (‘Soul cleaning’). ‘Entangled by a blue catastrophe’ calls to mind the Klinik, due to its industrial-like terrifying rhythmic sounds.

This is a vague and dark record that despite its diversity in tracks sound likes a whole. Some thought us dead is very much recommended to any fan of extreme, minimal and dark electronic sounds like those of Haus Arafna, the Klinik and Le Syndicat Electronique.

artist: Echo West
label: Cabinett Records
details: /lp, 13 tracks/10 track [KA101]