Echokrank – Echokrank

Electro is booming. Miss Kitten and the Hacker, Adult, and many more have their songs played at one of the numerous electro clash parties. And now there are two people who call themselves Hotleg and Erstkommunion from Germany , together they are Echokrank. They make some sort of electro, with as source of inspiration disorder and irritation.

Once you push the play button you are in for a surprise. The songs sound like electro, but they are distorted, detuned, neurotic and chaotic, but it will surely catch your attention. They mostly sound like your Nintendo emulator has crashed, and is playing sounds at random. Some songs form an exception on this, like the songs ‘tempo’ and ‘mehr tempo!’ presenting the listener with some distorted dub/reggae sounds.

Echokrank have succeeded in creating an original record, that will give you a break from the now popular electro, and will scare people off the dance floor at electroclash parties.

artist: Echokrank
label: Klangkrieg Produktionen
details: 12' ep KK13 (June 2003)