echoRausch – Different.waves

The first release on Funkwelten, the electronic sublabel of Black Rain. Also my first acquintance with Echorausch, though the tracks were recorded between 1997 and 2000. Most of them were already released in 2000 on Jetlag Records. There are some nice seaside photos on the digipack, I suspect from the pier of Bournemouth, which fit nicely with the ‘waves’ in the title.

No less than 17 tracks are present on this album, and they reflect a great variety in atmospheric electronic music. A cinematic style, full of experiments, copmpletely instrumental. Tranquil ambient or almost classical passages are alternated with complex beat structures. At times the music is dreamy, but there are also challenging IDM and clicks ‘n cuts parts. Boards of Canada or Future Sound of London are references. The great variety and surprises and the original songstructures ensure that this album keeps it tension throughout. That the album sounds very well is no surprise because members Alex Hessel and Rico Suchatzki (from Chemnitz, Germany) are also very active in the productional field. “Different.Waves” is certainly a worthwhile album, combining moving ambient sounds with experimental elements.

artist: echoRausch
label: Funkwelten
details: 17 tracks, 69 min. [FW 001]