Eigenwert – A Naxos

This interesting release is already a few years old, but came into my possession recently. The music is quite hard to describe. The structures are quite experimental, with classical/choral elements, industrial and ambient sounds and a ritual mood. Cut up samples and French spoken word and speech samples are added, like a text about Celine in the first track.

The cd was released by the small French label Strafe in 1999, the tracks were recorded between 1995 and 1995. I only encountered this act once before, on the compilation ‘Ostia’ with the track, ‘MorcelĂ©’. This slow and orchestral piece with French vocal samples is also included on this album.

I have to think of early work of Die Form or other daring French acts like N.L.C. An obscure release, but a worthwhile one. Also interesting for fans of Nurse with Wound or Coil. Probably hard to get a copy of though.

artist: Eigenwert
label: Strate
details: 10 tracks, 1999