Ekkehard Ehlers – Politik braucht kein Feind

Ekkehard Ehlers has done many things in his musical career, under several names like Autopoieses, März and Ekkehard Ehlers of course. This new cd contains his first completely composed works.

The cd starts out with a piece for bass clarinet. The piece begins with a soft hissing bass clarinet, and builds up from there. It never gets big or overdone, the music is slow and minimal, giving room for the beautiful deep sounds of the clarinet. The second piece is a piece for cello, which builds up in a simular way, but which is more experimental. Ehlers succeeds in being experimental without getting boring or freaky.

The final piece is like the first two pieces, but lacks a main sound source used.
Ehlers manages to rearrange everything on his laptop without ever losing the feel for the sound structure of the instruments used. Ehlers builds up the tension in all of the pieces, making sure the listener can keep on listening without getting bored, even though the basic sounds don’t really change.

Ehlers delivers three stunning pieces on this cd, that should appeal to lovers of avantgarde music, but also to people interested in slow almost drone like music. Highly recommended!

artist: Ekkehard Ehlers
label: Staubgold
details: (Staubgold 41)