El Aviador Dro – Eléctrico!

No less than 18 tracks of the Spanish cult band were gathered for this low-budget compilation for the American market. “¡Eléctrico!” contains songs created by El Aviador Dro in the last 25 years, with their typical mixture of synthpop, minimal electro and new wave, combined with Spanish lyrics. ‘La Chica De Plexiglas’ has been omitted, but other classics like ‘Nuclear si’ and ‘Selector de frequencias’ are present. As a special gift there are also two live tracks and an exclusive piece, ‘Cromados’.

The music of El Aviador Dro, formed in Madrid in 1979, is quite varied. One thing do all the songs have in common: they’re incredibly catchy! It’s hard not to get in a good mood when hearing ‘La zona fantasma’. Some tracks like ‘Amor industrial’ and ‘Baila la guerra’ are a bit cheesy and verge on Italo disco, but on a sunny day quite irrestible. ‘La ciudad en movimiento’ even reminds me of ‘Selft control’. Less poppy material is also present, like the decent Joy Division cover ‘Ella perdió el control’.

Despite the cool analog synths, “¡Eléctrico!” sounds like a warm bath and is a nice introduction to the spacy world of El Aviador Dro. If this cd is too short for you, you could try to get hold of the double cd anthology “Todos sus singles y Ep’s” (Ventura Music, 2001).

artist: El Aviador Dro
label: Omega Point Records
details: cd, 18 tracks, 2006