Electric Wizard, The – We Live

After the demise of stoner/doom cultists ?Electric Wizard? a lot of changes were made in the band?s line-up, to give birth to its successor ?THE Electric Wizard?. The new line-up consists of Jus Osborn (the only surviving member of EW), Justin Greaves (ex-Iron Monkey), Rob Al-Issa and Liz Buckingham.

This new group managed to deliver one of the heaviest albums of recent times. The new album is far less ?stoner-rock? influenced, and sounds more dirty and distorted. The Electric Wizard has become quite influenced by the ?sludge? sound, very much comparable to the excellent Iron Monkey, Unearthly Trance or Grief. This does not mean that it has become a clone of these bands. In fact ?we live? is a very solid album, and a milestone in the EW history, with monstrously heavy riffs, perfect drumming and a great bass as well as excellent vocals.

Whether you liked Electric Wizard in the past or not, this new album is certainly worth checking out. It is available on CD, and as a limited edition double vinyl album on beautiful purple vinyl and with a loooong bonus track (the entire d-side of the album).

artist: Electric Wizard, The
label: Rise Above Records
details: CD / DLP