Elektra Sturmschnell – Die Organik

A collaboration between multimedia artist Xeno Vulcano and experimental poet Elektra Sturmschnell from Switzerland. The cd starts with soft dreamy ambient, minimal and electronic, with occasional waves of sound. After a few minutes the soft spoken voice from Elektra joins in, with a text about being confused and lost: ‘eingesperrt & ausgeschlossen / in meinem koerper mein’.

The cd remains rather tranquil, with sparse musical accompaniment, which is soft and a little experimental, but never becoming dominant. The sound sources for the album are created from ‘orchestrated noise’, various instruments and field recordings. The texts of Elektra are sometimes desperate, sometimes surreal and seem to be rather associative. I must say that the combination of texts, (sometimes manipulated) voice and music go well together and even have a somewhat hypnotizing effect.

artist: Elektra Sturmschnell
label: Hardpresse Recordings
details: 11 tracks