Elektronische Maschine – Das Netz

This Dutch band has been around for ten years now and in that time they have released four albums on their own. The sound of the group is very much reminiscent of that of Kraftwerk, although the group plays a modern version of it.

The modern aspect to it is a sort of contemporary sound databank, due to which the music sounds a lot like (Top 40) trance music and modern synthi pop. Too bad that this also means that Elektrische Maschine sounds synthetic.

Elektrische Maschine is not a bad band, but what they do is not original. Songs like ‘The Pursuit’, ‘Analog/digital’ and ‘Trance Machine’ could easily make it into the charts with a little marketing. There are enough people that like this kind of music, thus with Das Netz the group should be able to get a record deal somewhere.

artist: Elektronische Maschine
label: self-released
details: 11 tracks