Elend – Winds Devouring Men

Every year there are some records and bands that are pleasantly surprising. Elend manages to do that with this new record. The theatrical and neo-classical metal music has been replaced by pure beauty.

The music on Winds Devouring Men is still theatrical and bombastic. All metal influences are gone and have been replaced by a Dead Can Dance inspired sound. The fact that the voice of the singer is almost identical to that of Brendan Perry from Dead Can Dance is an important factor. Most pieces on this record are long, filmic and compelling. This cd is the perfect soundtrack for the fall with its long evenings and rainy days.

Only point of critic could be that the sound is a bit too much like that of Dead Can Dance. But Elend knows how to capture the beauty of DCD, which is an achievement on its own. Besides that, people who like this sort of sounds will probably not care. Elend in any case makes clear that it knows its classics and
treat it with respect.

artist: Elend
label: Prophecy Productions