Ellende – Ti con zero

Ellende is an experimental ambient project based in Tokyo. “Ti con zero” is a musical adaptation of an Italo Calvino novel. It’s an mp3-release in the Sine Fiction series. This is a thematic project whereby each release is an invented soundtrack to a notable science fiction novel.

The music of Ellende suits the theme perfectly, the sounds have a very spacy style and mood. I quite like the mysterious drones on ‘The Soft Moon’. The moody, soft soundscape of ‘Blood, sea’ takes you to another galaxy, with an almost ethereal feel. Quite an interesting and long track, which also contains some speech samples. ‘Priscilla’ sounds more experimental, almost like industrial machinery. ‘Death’ sounds, perhaps not surprising, rather gloomy and bleak. ‘Ti con zero’ has hypnotic qualities, mostly through the repetive percussion. Certainly an interesting piece of soundwork by Ellende, which has also made me curious about the book…

artist: Ellende
label: Sine Fiction