Matt Elliott – The mess we made

So The Third Eye Foundation is no more. After releasing a whole bunch of albums, singles, 12″ etc Matt Elliott decided it was time to stop. But to the surprise of many people Matt Elliott made a new album, under his own name, called “The mess we made”. But what is this album? Another Third Eye Foundation album? Or is it really something completely new?

The music on this album is different for sure. It’s mostly without beats, it uses many acoustic sounds such as piano, guitars, cello and many more(less recognizable) sounds. It gives the album a more open and organic feeling. Most songs have Matt Elliott singing in them, wich seems to be a big departure from his previous work. But the first thing you will notice is that the mood is still the same: dark and melancholic. Looking at how Matt Elliott started with his debut “Semtex”, a gorgeous mostly guitar driven record, towards the more beats friven dark and haunting albums like “Ghost” and “You Guys Kill Me” finally ending with the “Little lost soul”, a more quiet, open album, it seems that this record is a logical step in his musical development.

But enough comparing to his old work, this album stands on its own. It delivers beautiful melancholic songs, filled with subtle strange sounds to keep the listener interested. The songs on the album merge into each other perfectly, making sure the mood of the album is never broken. Take your time to listen carefully, it will reveal the true beauty of this work.

So is this album something new, or is it just a continuation of Matt Elliott’s previous work? Yes and no. It shares the mood, but musically it’s takes a new turn. The album will most surely appeal to Third Eye Foundation fans, but is at the same time a break from that. It’s not Third Eye Foundation in a different form, it’s something new, something exciting. It’s an album by Matt Elliott, and it is highly recommended to lovers of melancholic sounds.

artist: Elliott, Matt
label: Domino Recording Co.
details: 8 tracks, 52 min. 2003