End – The Sick Generation

This is a very strange release. Not just on its own, but also as a Hymen product. This label is known for it IDM releases but The Sick Generation has little to do with IDM.

End opens the album with the title track, which is a rock song. Although the rhythm structure is electronic this is a rock song for sure. The second track is a remix of this same track done by Foetus. This won’t surprise anybody who listens to this album and is familiar with Foetus. End uses a lot of strangeness in his music that is reminiscent of this legendary industrial / avant-garde artist.

There are three more remixes of the title track included on the album. One is done by Jason Forrest (also known as Donna Summer). So expect some weird breakcore as always with this artist.
More strange music is served to listener by The Messerchups. This artist also did a remix for End and of course it is in their weird surf/cabaret style.

I don’t know what to think of all these strange tracks, weird remixes and different styles on this disc. There are two conclusions I can draw, One, The Sick Generation is only for adventurous listeners with a diverse music taste. And two, this is a very strange release indeed.

artist: End
label: Hymen
details: 16 tracks [¥744]