Endorphins – Discipline

In January I attended a very entertaining Eat This Records labelnight, organized by Interzone in Theater Kikker in Utrecht. One of the performing acts was Endorphins, who now have released a new LP called ‘Discipline’. There are eight instrumental tracks on the record, which combine danceable electro with more abstract electronic, technoid sounds.

A great track like ‘Mammon’ has a nice combination of dry electro beats with moody electronic sounds. ‘Bassgirl’ has a more complex rhythmic framework, with beats going back and forth, again with atmospheric layers in the background. The well-crafted tracks are melodic and adventurous at the same time. My favourite is perhaps the rather melancholic ‘Ephigo’.

This record will not directly hit you in the face, but grows after repeated listening. The music is often rather minimal, almost bare almost, but very subtle. Some acid, a little d & b, a piece of IDM or click ‘n cuts. The electronic sources sound pleasant and the combination of precise beats and warm ambient moods is a succeeded one. Some parts make you feel relaxed and lean backwards, while other pieces make you tap your feet.

Some details: ‘Boracite’ is a nice Endorphins remix of the Speedy J track ‘Borax’. ‘C64LPROM’ is intended to be played on a C64, which becomes clear when you play the ‘music’, although I’m not sure how to achieve it. *)

Apart from the record, this release comes with a special floppy disc! It gives you access to regularly updated exclusive remixes and assorted audio and info on the Eat This website. A severly limited edition of this release (not mine though) will also contain a 3″ audio cd, containing some of these remixes.

*) update – instructions:
– set up your C64 system, including the datasette
– records the c64 lprom track to a cassette tape
– insert the cassette in the datasette
– load “*”,1

artist: Endorphins
label: Eat This Records
details: 8 tracks. [ETR#11]