Endraum – Blauhauch

The limited edition of the new album Blauhauch comes as a nice box, containing a bonus cd (with older songs, the complete maxicd Appell an die Muse, two live tracks and a cd-rom video of the wonderful Appell an die Muse song) and a poster with the lyrics. This band has always been very aware of esthetics. Endraum, consisting of Hovi (vocals) and Roman (keyboard), exists for more than ten years now. Their major influence in the beginning was Joy Division, but through the years they have created their own, unique style. The music, images and German lyrics are always combined into one concept in Endraum’s work. Melancholy is the keyword that comes to my mind when trying to describe the mood this band creates.

The first track of Blauhauch, ‘Uber uns und in uns’, immediately sets the tone, a 10 minute long beautiful track that leads you into an inner world, subtle and atmospheric. Endraum brings minimal electronic music, with the almost spoken words of Hovi, who has a pleasant voice to listen to. The lyrics leave always room for your own interpretations, they seem dreamlike to me, visions of times and places, images and colors (especially blue)… For some reason one song is translated into Hungarian. Another track is called ‘Und in der nahe Antonin Artaud’, in the booklet is also printed a text from this controversial French poet, essayist, playwright, actor & director, known for his “theatre of cruelty” and irrational behavior (he was declared insane). ‘Scratch pictures on asylum walls’, Bauhaus already sung in their song about Artaud. Well, that isn’t exactly the kind of behavior I would get from listening to Endraum, their music brings me more into a dreamy mood… But Artaud was also someone who gave room to his imagination…

artist: Endraum
label: Trisol
details: limited box with bonus cd