Enfusion – Outermission

Enfusion is a new act for me, but one of the bandmmebers, Torben SChmidt, isn’t. He is better known for the EBM band Lights of Euphoria. In this project he is assisted by Alfred Gregl, who also made music as Aqualite, of whom I remember the trancy hit ‘Wavemaker’. Just as the previous two releases on Funkwelten (For a Space and Echorausch) this album also is a re-release, originally it appeared under the name ‘Xylon’. “Outermission” comes in a nice minimal and modern looking digipack.

Perhaps not surprising is that Enfusion treats us to tranquil instrumental electronic music. The sound is very spacious and spacy. Soft electronic layers and subtle beats never become very obtrusive. The individual songs don’t stay in my head for a long time, but the album as a whole is pleasant ambient chill out music. At times I have to think a bit of floating new age or retro synthesizer greatests’ like Jean Michel Jarre. Everything is very light and polished. But still suited background music while you’re working, reading. Or lounging, Enfusion would not be out of place in a trendy lounge bar or a .

artist: Enfusion
label: Funkwelten
details: 8 tracks, 66 min. [FW 003]