Erase Errata – At Crystal Palace

We live in a recycle age. From time to time certain decades are in the spotlights again, and the music and fashion from that era are being made and sold again. The 80’s revival has been going on for some time now. A thing like the electro(clash) hype is linked with this replay. There are also bands who go back just a little bit further to the end of the seventies when out of punk music a new genre, called post-punk, evolved. Just like new wave this is a difficult term. Post-punk is both used for pre-gothic music, like The Cure and Siouxsie, as for more punk orientated bands like The Slits and The Au Pairs.

Erase Errata is like the latter. At Crystal Palace sounds like post-punk music from the late seventies. The songs are up-tempo punk rock anthems with more complex rhythm structures as early punk music. Songs like ‘Ca. Viewing’ and ‘Retreat! The Most Familiar’ are energetic, even a bit neurotic and hectic, with angular guitar riffs. The fierce female vocals sound rebellious at times and ads something to punk feel of the music.

Erase Errata are a little bit guitar version of The Chicks On Speed. They don’t play very original music, but play it with a lot of energy and the songs are well written. History repeats itself…

artist: Erase Errata
label: Blast First