Eremit, Der – Das

If I’m correct this is the fifth release of Der Eremit. Over the course of their albums they have transformed from pure electronic music, to the use of more real instruments and more metal-like music. The band started out as a solo project but by now is a six piece.

Der Gian is the frontman of Der Eremit, he used to play in death metal bands and this history can be heard on Das. The band gives the listener a lot of metal, mixed with some samples, cello and e-cello. It is especially this last instrument that gives a special taste to this album. A taste varying throughout the album though from sour to somewhere near sweet. Then again it is not like this album is all metal, it is mixed with some (gothic) rock, some indy and even some industrial. This whole range makes for an album that is not easy to listen to at all. It is especially in a song like “Hippiekacke” that this gives me the creeps

The Swiss remind me at times (and this are their good times) of Letzte Instanz, but in general do not much more then annoy me big time with this album. Let it be noted that I don’t like metal that much and that this may be the reason for my negative reaction on this album, but it’s true, it only makes me want to cry.

artist: Eremit, Der
label: T:D:M Thunderdome
details: 2004, 15 tracks