Eric Aldea & Ivan Choissone – Narcophony

Eric Aldea used to be one of the main people in the ?cult? group B?stard, but nowadays focuses on a more interesting mix of electronic and acoustic compositions. For Narcophony, Aldea worked with Ivan Choissone, a multi-instrumentalist, of whom Narcophony is the first record.

The CD contains seven tracks, which form three long compositions, two by both artists, and a third by Choissone alone. The first composition is an adaptation of a track by the group ?Nurse with Wound?, the other two compositions are by Aldea and Choissone.

The compositions range from almost neo-classical to electronic, and are slowly evolving, but nevertheless very interesting. The compositions are quite delicate and fragile, there are no bombastic parts, and most of them sound more like post-rock than like classical music. Still the sounds used are mainly orchestral and electronic. This makes the CD a very moody and melancholic record, it has the feeling of observing a very tragic or dramatic movie (or a dream perhaps), but since there are no sound-explosions or sudden changes in atmosphere everything keeps pretty calm and not as threatening as most modern classical compositions. Sometimes there is a hint of medieval music and ethnic music and sometimes even a slightly jazzy tune emerges.

All of this makes Narcophony a very special and diverse release, certainly not to be missed by those who like soundtracks or both post-rock and orchestral works.

artist: Eric Aldea & Ivan Choissone
label: 0101