E.R.R.A. – Light of Love

E.R.R.A. is a band from Mexico. And no, they sound like Hocico. It’s nowhere near as violent, E.R.R.A. makes a more restrained mixture of synthpop, electro, EBM, and trance. An important influence in their work seem to be extraterrestrial phenomena. The tracks are completely created with computers and synthesizers. The first moody instrumental piece builds up quite some tension. The second track ‘Not there’ has a straightforward beat, some nice synth sounds and not too convincing vocals, though the female backing vocals make up a little for that. The other tracks on this album also do not really convince me. The songs are too simple and not surprising enough. There are a few nice synth melodies, which prove that the band has potential, but especially beats and vocals do not sound really fresh. For one or two tracks ‘Light of Love’ is allright, but it gets boring too soon. I do think that this album contains a few tracks which could do well in EBM / future pop clubs.

artist: E.R.R.A.
label: Black Flames Records