Estampie – Fin Amor

Back in 1989 Estampie recorded their first cd. Now they just have released their seventh one, entitled “Fin Amor”, a masterpiece with 13 songs. Again they have created a typical medieval album, on which many authentic instruments are used, like lyre, harp and flute.On the album some instrumental tracks can be found as well as songs with vocals. On these singer Syrah (Sigrid Hausen) takes you to a faerieland, like ‘Bluomenrot’ and ‘Summerwunne’. Estampie has managed to create authentic music, that still fits perfectly in the present time.

To my favourites belong ‘Floret Silva’ (many instruments combined with Syrah’s lovely voice) and ‘Exiit dilucolo’, both taken from the Carmina Burana cycle. ‘Sancte sator’ is another highlight, arranged for several voices and no less than eight different instruments. The instrumental ‘Estampie VI’ is certainly beautiful too, a worthy song to have the name of the band in its title. With “Fin Amor” Estampie has certainly consolidated its position at the top of the medieval scene.

artist: Estampie
label: Warner
details: 13 tracks, 50 minutes.