Etoile Noire – Sleeping Black Eyes

Etolie Noire, which means ‘black star’ was founded in January 2000 by Ferruccio Milanesi (bass) and Pasquale Scotti (vocals). Those are not the least names in the Italian dark music scene, because both are active in various other projects, like Argine, Anima in Fiamme, Nadir and Amok. Later they were joined by Augusto Maiolino (guitar) and Alessio Sica (drums). This promo cd with five tracks is their first work. Don’t expect folky stuff like Argine or Anima in Fiamme though, the music that Etolie Noire offers us here can be better described as gothic rock.
The electric guitars are rather loud at times, sometimes even given the music a punk sound. In general the style of this cd often reminds me of late 70’s/early 80’s music. Most songs are very energetic and Pasquale Scotti sings passionately, even screams at times. There is one nice ballad on the cd, ‘Eyelids covering mirrors’, with some beautiful cello parts. Overall this cd contains some good dark rockmusic, with which the bandmembers prove their versatility.

artist: Etoile Noire
label: self-released
details: promo cd, 5 tracks, 26 minutes