Eurocide – Cities in Dust

The album of EBM/dark electro act Eurocide has been reviewed before on funprox. This single contains three tracks which prove the dancefloor potential of this act. ‘Europe in dust’ is a straightforward clubhit, which follows the best Covenant tradition: an uptempo beat, an infectious melody, some trancy sounds and rather cool vocals. This song is present in a ‘radio edit’ and an ‘extended version’, which does not really add new insights, but which is well done. Furthermore this mcd contains the track ‘Atomare Liebe’, which is more restrained and contains computer voices and sounds which strongly remind of Kraftwerk. Quite nice actually. Eurocide does not sound highly original but has a good sense for attractive tracks.

artist: Eurocide
label: T:D:M Thunderdome
details: mcd, 3 tracks