Eurocide – Europe in Dust

Eurocide is a typical modern EBM / dark electro act. If you like (the poppier side of) Wumpscut and Suicide Commando you will like this album for sure. There is nothing new or innovating to the music of Eurocide. They stay within the idiom of modern electronic dance orientated gothic

What Europe in Dust still makes worthwhile for fans of the genre is the song writing skills of Eurocide. The songs are strong, even if they are predictable. Also the production of this album is very good.

The track ‘Europe in Dust’ is a guaranteed clubhit, somewhat in the Covenant style. More interesting is the remix the band did of the Das Ich track ‘Der Schrei’. It is a great dark electro piece and included on this cd as a bonus track. Another good track by the band can be found on the single of ‘Europe in Dust’.

‘Atomare Liebe’ is very nice. It is a more true elektro track, even vaguely reminiscent of Legowelt. Too bad the band didn’t do more tracks in this style.

artist: Eurocide
label: T:D:M Thunderdome
details: 12 tracks [TDM 40111-8800-7]