Every New Dead Ghost – The Final Ascesion: a retrospective 88-92

Gothicrock label Strobelight also starts looking backwards. This cd is the first in the new series called “essentials”. In this series there will be re-releases of classic bands from the past.

Every New Dead Ghost came from the UK and had a classic gothic rock sound with loud pounding drums, heavy guitars and dark vocals. The band released three albums, one live record and a few singles. Strobelight collected the best tracks for this retrospective.

The sound of Every New Dead Ghost is reminiscent of Play Dead and Southern Death Cult, thus typical classic gothrock. Tracks like ‘Miranda’ and ‘Obvious’ will still do well on the dancefloor. Nice are the two added videos and the thick booklet. The Final Ascesion is a very nice album for the fans of the genre.

artist: Every New Dead Ghost
label: Strobelight Records
details: cd, 15 tracks [STROB019]