Evol – Punani shell

You prefer your music as extreme as possible? Totally fucked-up, loud, dense and seemingly random sounds? Then Evol is the thing for you. This act had a release on Mego already a few years ago. This new release contains one long track, ‘Punani Shell’. In the infosheet I received from the label the music is described as ‘hard-edge chinchilla, both beautiful and brutal’. I have no clue what chinchilla audio means, it sounds rather sweet, but that certainly doesn’t apply to this cd. Brutal yes, but beautiful? Loud and furious, contantly broken and distorted, no logical building up of sounds, no audible melody. Some laptops must have been abused to get this violent result. I could not handle it, perhaps you can?

artist: Evol
label: Scarcelight Recordings