Exclipsect / Kaebin Yield – Symbiosis

?Symbiosis? is a split CD between two artists, Exclipsect (who did a split 10? with Zymosiz), and Kaebin Yield (one half of Duncan Avoid, see the review on this website). This ?split? is a subtle and effective trip into the realms of industrial dance, broken beats and sonic destruction. Where a lot of dance collaboration seem to grow out of control, this one is very restrained, controlled and subtle.

Exclipsect provides us with 7 tracks of pulsating electronic dance with the occasional hint of broken beats, industrial and acid. All of this is provided in small doses at a time, which makes you want more and more.

Kaebin Yield is slightly more noisy and hectic in its approach and certainly more uptempo, but still manages to stay on the edge of subtlety. It is definitely more idm and breakbeat oriented, but matches the Exclipsect tracks remarkably well in overall style and atmosphere.

In total, this album is a nicely done collaboration, which definately comes recommended for those who are into Somatic Responses, Ant-Zen or Hands Records.

artist: Exclipsect / Kaebin Yield
label: Hive Records
details: 14 tracks. May 2004. [HIV.10]