Exit – Tonacy brzytwy sie chwyta

Sometimes I receive unexpected and unusual music, that turns out to be surprisingly nice. Exit is a band from Poland, released on a label called Furia Music, which is related to the Perun label, of which I earlier reviewed a cd from The Blue Hour. I don’t know too much about Exit, but they are active since the beginning of the 90’s. Some of their influences are Nick Cave and Crime and the City Solution. Two years ago they released their first album , called “Sole Fide”, on the same label.

This new album of Exit, with a title I won’t try to speak out loud, appeared recently. All lyrics are in Polish. It’s always strange to hear singing in a language you’re not familiar with. But it sounds pleasant, and though I don’t understand a word of it, it gives me a rather melancholic feel. The music is very well performed and the vocals are good. The (mostly acoustic) guitar playing is excellent, other prominent instruments are the bass and accordeon. The 10 tracks are rather tranquil, and convey a nice moody atmosphere.

Some songs would be very suitable to listen to in a dark cafĂ©. Very nice is ‘Sick Rose’, apparently based on William Blake, with beautiful accordeon sounds. I also like the first track ‘Historia zniknie;cia pewnej kobiety’ a lot, a melancholic intimate song, with fine guitar work. ‘Obsesje’ is a little more dynamic, a great track, reminding me indeed of the older work of Nick Cave. All in all a surprisingly pleasant album by Exit! According to me, the appeal of this music is universal enough to be appreciated outside of Poland..

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artist: Exit
label: Furia Musica
details: 10 tracks