Experiment Nnord – Der Traum / Neue Welt

NLW is the label related to the well known Backagain webzine. The main interest of the webzine and the label is minimal and electronic (wave) music. But also other wave and 80’s styles are covered. This 7” by Experiment Nnord (who also have other releases) has a classic gothic sound.

Both tracks feature some electronic elements which are mixed with traditional instruments. The sound is a little bit like Clan of Xymox only with more rock elements. The vocals and the guitars are new wave / classic gothic rock influenced. ‘Der Traum’ is a very catchy song that will get some people moving on the dancefloor for sure. Too bad the other song, ‘Neue Welt’, is not of the same quality. Still it is a good track but just not as catchy and energetic and ‘Der Traum’.

Maybe this 7” will draw some attention to the other material of the band. I am curious how the band will further evolve.

artist: Experiment Nnord
label: NLW
details: 7”, 2 tracks [NLW010]