Ezekiel Honig – Technology is lonely

The last few years there has been an extensive amount of releases in the field of clicks and cuts and dub-techno, so much in fact that the genres became a bit dull. It seemed like everyone who owned a computer made minimal techno all of a sudden.

When I first heard this release, I thought it was rather dull, uninspiring and simplistic. The second time I played it late in the evening and all of a sudden I realised that I was somehow really into this. This album has been growing on me ever since.

The music of Ezekiel Honig is characterised by a very subtle use of techniques from the dub-techno scene. Sparse dub rhythms, a steady 4/4 tempo and nice echoes and clicks are what this music consist of. Together they form easy dub tunes that drag you along through the CD. The tracks are not particularly exciting or interesting, but the overall feel if this CD is just very nice.

It can be compared to the works of Fenin, Jan Jelinek or Pole, but it is less

artist: Ezekiel Honig
label: Anticipate Recordings