Farmers Manual – RLA

3 days, 21 hours, 38 minutes and 3 seconds. That is the total playing time of the new Farmers Manual release on Mego. The release comes as a hybrid DVD, in a lovely big DVD box. The Box contains every locatable live recording by Farmers Manual since 1995. You must excuse me for not having heard each single live recording on this DVD…

So over 3 days of music, all live recordings since 1995, plus more it says in the promo letter. So curious as I was, I put the disc in my player and pushed the play button and waited. All I got to see was a short film, about 15 minutes long, showing three guys making an extra door in their studio. No matter how hard I tried, no menu, nothing but this movie. Disappointed and confused I concluded it was a DVD rom, that should be used in a DVD rom player, one that I don’t have(the DVD players in your computer will play the DVD fine).

But nothing was lost, all the content of the DVD is mirrored on a website, so the 3 days Farmers Manual live experience was not lost after all. So what can you expect? A total overload of live recordings, giving you an amazing amount of Farmers Manual music. But in the sheer quantity of the music lies the problem of this DVD. It’s simply too much. It’s virtually impossible to hear everything and remember what concert was what. But this negative side isn’t all that negative. Use the DVD when ever you feel like hearing some Farmers Manual, but don’t feel like playing that album you’ve heard so many times already. Simply select a live recording you, and enjoy. You won’t be disapointed.

This DVD is a must have for Farmers Manual fans, and for everyone that enjoyed a Farmers Manual concert at any point. A great initiative by Mego, and an almost endless source of great music (if you like Farmers Manual that is of course).

artist: Farmers Manual
label: Mego
details: dvd-video/ROM, MEGO 777, 2003