Fast Forward / Jet Jaguar KR3 Kill Spree – Split lp

Here we have a very noise split record on the London-based label Lofi or Die. The release is looking nice, with flashy violet vinyl and a very crowded fold-out sleeve with violent manga-type drawings and many writings on it. On the A-side are 5 tracks by Fast Forward. I can assure you that you can torture your neighbours with it. The first track is a pure orgy of noise, speeded-up violent layers of harsh sound and heavily distorted ‘vocals’. Halfway the track gets slower and a little less dense, but it’s still a relief when ‘House Uv Noise’ is over. Extremily nightmarish music.

The other 4 tracks by fast Forward are also very noisy and filled with sounds, but mixed more with extreme rhythms and beats, like the machinegun-like sound of ‘Unda Deztruxion’. ‘Unsafe Heaven’ starts with some brutal guitar, reminding me of Napalm Death and co. Then ultrafast gabber beat attacks follow. A good track for getting rid of your frustrations… ‘Blakmetal’ has some brutal screaming and complex rhythmic structures.

The B-side is filled by Jet Jaguar KR3 Kill Spree, who manage to put 10 tracks (with very long titles) on it. The first song is called ‘Sipping tea on a sunday morning’, well, I wonder what they have put in their tea… Lots of screaming, strange sounds and samples, extreme distortion, not easy recognizable songstructures, manic voices… The tracks of JJKR3KS sound more improvised than those of Fast Forward, but are certainly as extreme. Luckily their songs are very short, because they are very hard to digest. But the songs are probably well-suited for some lesser-known forms of therapy. In the last song ‘Musashi’s Chaingun Opera’ a female opera voice can be heard, but her sensitive work is mercilessly slaughtered by violent screaming and noise…

An entertaining record if you’re in a ultraviolent mood!

artist: Fast Forward / Jet Jaguar KR3 Kill Spree
label: Lofi or Die Records
details: 10' [LOD002]