Faun – Licht

The previous (and first) cd by Faun, titled Zaubersprüche, was a quiet and atmospheric medieval and pagan folk album. How different does Licht, the new cd by this German group, sounds. After a short intro the listener (and dancer) is treated with ‘Andro’, a circle dance from Brittany. Faun makes a modern version of this old dance by adding dance beats to the bagpipes.

Other songs, amongst others ‘Unda’, sound more medieval and less dance orientated, which doesn’t mean that they are not good tunes to dance to. The melodies played on instruments like flutes, bagpipes and harp call to mind Middle Earth kind of scenes. Licht also has its more tranquil moments like in the beautiful song ‘Ne Aludj El’. The Celtic harp on this track is played by Jennifer van der Harten, from the Dutch pagan folk band Omnia/

Both Faun and Omnia will be playing the Folkwoods Festival in The Netherlands this summer, and will be without a doubt impress the (younger) folkies there.

artist: Faun
label: Curzweyhl
details: 12 tracks + 2 video tracks [FAUN2003]