Faun – Renaissance

The expectations for this third album by German paganfolk band Faun were high I think. After a tranquil but very good first album and a second aclaimed modern cross-over record the band gathered a broad fanbase in both folk and gothic circles.

Renaissance starts with two songs in the style of their second album Licht. Even though both tracks (‘Satyros’ and ‘Da Que Deus’) are good dance tunes they don’t have the impact the track ‘Andro’ had from their last album. It seems the dance aspect is the most important in these two tracks. A little more attention could have been paid to songstructure and diversity.

The first highlight on this new album is the third song called ‘ Tagelied’. This song is already played live by the band for some time but was not recorded yet. It is a truly beautiful piece that combines the medieval atmosphere of the first record with the more pop feeling of the second release.
After that the album continues with another dance track called ‘Rhiannon’, which makes the band sound a little like Furunkulus and even Corvus Corax. But, without that many bagpipes of course.

The second part of the record is more tranquil and I must confess sounds much better then the dance tunes on the first part. Very nice is ‘Königin’, a sort of medieval lounge track. There is also a second highlight here, entitled ‘Rosmarin’. Which is a tranquil but lively song in which the band really shows their musical skills.

This third record by Faun only partly satisfies my expectations. Expecially the more quiet songs are very good. The dance tunes are a bit too easy, but I am sure they will work very well in a live setting.
Without a doubt this record will help to establish Faun even more in both folk and gothic and maybe even pop circles.

artist: Faun
label: Curzweyhl
details: 10 tracks [354.50322]

Faun: Renaissance

Faun cover Faun, the German pagan folk / medieval formation around Oliver Sa Tyr, has created a new album (their third) entitled “Renaissance”. The 10 track cd will be released in early July by Curzwehl. Thematically the cd, which was partly recorded in the Abbey Road studio in London, deals with parting, death and rebirth. On the 22nd of June there is a release party for “Renaissance” at Nerodom in M?nchen.
Since a few months there is also a Dutch fanpage of Faun.