Faun – Zaubersprüche

Faun is an ensemble from Germany that plays medieval and pagan folk music. Most pieces on Zaubersprüche are written by themselves, so are not traditional. The medieval feeling is nonetheless evident through the use of hurdy-gurdy, bagpipe, flutes, percussion and nyckelharp.

There are, mostly in Germany, many groups that play music inspired by The Middle Ages. But Faun is not just an average group. The ensemble consists of skilled musicians, whom are also excellent songwriters.

Even though some songs are a bit long, the music always stays interesting. ‘Nechein Man’ and ‘Troum unde Spiegelglas’ are examples of long songs (around seven minutes) that never get boring. Also the shorter songs are very well crafted. Keridwen & Gwion’ and ‘König von Thule’ are beautiful ballads that call to mind a romantic atmosphere that fits perfect with the (idealized) vision on the Middle Ages.

Faun has with Zaubersprüche focused on the more quiet and slower music from medieval times, like Estampie does. A new album is being made and will be
more up-tempo. Just wait and see if the group is just as good at that.

artist: Faun
label: self-released