Faust vs Dalek – Derbe respect, Alder

On this CD two unlikely collaborators collaborate. Faust is a well known experimental rock-band from Germany, that operates somewhere in the Krautrock areas, while Dalek is an American Hip-Hop artist.

The combination actually seems to work quite well. Droning guitars and (post)rock-structures are accompanied by hip-hop beats and raw vocals. Because both artists do not fear experiment, there is a lot of sound-manipulation, which makes this release far from a straightforward mix between the different styles. The album as a whole is a sort of urban soundscape which includes the ?vibes? of the various urban music styles.

I?m quite surprised by this album, and certainly not disappointed by this interesting crossover. Rap/Rock collaborations have certainly evolved since Run DMC met Aerosmith.

artist: Faust vs Dalek
label: Staubgold
details: cd/lp staubgold 50 / Klangbad 23