FDH – Disseminare

‘FDH’ is Frank den Haan, a musician with a Dutch name but currenty based in Nova Scotia, Canada. His debut “Disseminare” is released by Cynfeirdd, in the new ‘Eye for Eye’ cd-r series. It’s a limited pressing of 141 hand-numbered copies (and 9 promo copies) in a special box. This musical project does not have a long history, since it all began in the fall of 2002. That does not make the music less interesting, because FDH’s mixture of ambient, classical and experimental sounds is worth hearing!

Eight tracks and fifty minutes of instrumental music can be found on this debut. ‘Opening’ is an appropriate orchestral intro, with lush strings. ‘Sent Down’ is a more tranquil classical piano piece, very moving and emotional, with a cinematic feel. As the song evolves more electronic elements are added, the second half made me think a little of Mago. ‘And the statues crumble’ starts as a dark ambient soundscape, Cold Meat-style. Then it turns into a baroque classical piece, reminding me of the likes of Elijah’s Mantle, without the choral vocals.

I think the way in which minimal piano pieces (like Yann Tiersen or Sylvain Chaveau) are alternated with more orchestral parts is one of the better aspects of the album. Also the combination between classical elements and electronica works well.

I found the album surprisingly accessible, yet impressive. As Frank den Haan writes on his own site, the use of headphones is recommended. I have to agree with that, the music is (though somewhat moody and gloomy) relaxing and subtle. And quite emotional too! Hopefully there is a copy left for you…

artist: FDH
label: Cynfeirdd
details: 8 tracks