Feindflug – [Vierte Version]

I accidentally got to know this band when I downloaded an mp3 from them. That track, ‘Kahle Bedrohung’, really blew my small computer speakers up! What a great power, sort of a mixture between dark electro and power industrial. Of course I wanted to know more about this band, so I did an Internet search. But all I found were pages that dealt with the question whether Feindflug have right-wing sympathies or not. The reasons: their songs are dealing with World War II, they use a lot of nazi samples (including the famous “Seit 5:00 Uhr wird zurückgeschossen”… ) and their first mcd 1./St.G.3 was released by the controversial label VAWS. But the band is distancing itself from quick conclusions. In the booklet is a statement that the band does not want to glorify the war, but that they treat it as a historical theme, with relevance to the present day. In an interview in Point Black the band has a nice answer to the question if they are nazis: “wenn wir das wären, hieße einer unserer Titel wahrscheinlich auch nicht Stukas im Visier, sondern Im Visier der Stukas.”

But let’s get back to the music. Feindflug consists of Banane (samples, noise creation) and Felix (maschines, samples, programming, noises). As I already mentioned, the music is harsh, danceable and powerful, a bit like Tumor, but better. There is no singing, only samples are used. Dancefloortips are Leitbild and Kahle Bedrohung! This album is a new version on the Black Rain label, it was originally released on a smaller scale by themselves.

artist: Feindflug
label: Black Rain