Feindflug – Volk und Armee

It has been a while since we heard from Feindflug, the band that once defined their own part of the electro-genre, with many militaristic influences. Not promoting war, but asking us to use our heads and think about it. But now they are back.

Volk und Armee is the title of their new album and it brings us the kind of music we might expect from them. Music that marches on, brings on heavy artillery. With tracks like ‘Sperfeuer’, where the title tells all about the song. Then again things have changed as well.

The music has gotten more orchestral influences, is more like an album than a loose collection of songs, it in short is even better then the work they already delivered. Let it be known that Feindflug is back, the message stays the same, the music improved, where it already was excellent.

Now it’s time for us to really use our head and think about it, no war, just hope the recordstore has enough copies in stock.

artist: Feindflug
label: Black Rain
details: cd, 14 tracks, 2005