Femme Fatale – Prag Attack

Femme Fatale is a rising star in the minimal elektro scene. The same musician is also active by the names of Bastards of Love and Der Künstliche Dilettant.

Another Femme Fatale release on Cabinett Records has been planned for some time now, it should be out soon. Untill then there is this excellent 7”on Genetic Music.

The A-side (‘Prag Attack’) is a piece of noisy minimal elektro. ‘Velours’ on the B-side is more of a dance tunes in comparison with the A-side. But, still in a distorted and minimal kind of way.

Expect no catchy elektropop from Femme Fatale (on this release). This 7” is far from catchy, but fits in very nice with Invasion Planète and Cabinett Records releases. So, if you like that sound, you will like this too.

artist: Femme Fatale
label: Genetic Music
details: 7”, 2 tracks, [GEN017]