Fiel Garvie – I didn’t say

Though I didn’t know Fiel Garvie before, they are not a new act. This UK indie act was already formed in 1995 and they have made two albums and a handful of singles before. ‘For What I Love’ was even proclaimed single of the week by Melody Maker in 1997. Their music is related to the early 90’s 4AD/shoegazer sound, with elements from indie guitar pop and ambient electronica. With the two songs on this cd Fiel Garvie manages to create a dreamy, mysterious sound, with a warm feeling.

The first song ‘I didn’t say’ sounds somewhere between the Velvet Underground, Belly and Lush. The song is a taster for their forthcoming album “Leave me out of this”. It contains delicious vocals, which sound innocently girlish and seductively female at the same time. A voice to drown in, something which can be applied to the music of Fiel Garvie in general. A nice song, but I like ‘Buzzfish’ even better. It is a bit more experimental, with strange shimmering electronic sounds and a spooky atmosphere. Again it has the tempting, almost whispered female vocals. Midway guitar sounds become more prominent. This song really moves me.
Delicious music by this band from Norwich, making you beg for more…

[This single is both available as a cd-single and as a 7″ record. It can be obtained from [drga-drga], who are releasing the album in the Benelux, or from the Fiel Garvie website.]

artist: Fiel Garvie
label: Foundling
details: mcd, 2 tracks.